Unggul I

Brand : Unggul
Bird Food
1 kg
DOC - 2 months

UNGGUL is a unique range of products formulated for the growth and performance of gamecocks.

Bulk packaging:  20 packs/carton.


Unggul is our champion feed for gaming cocks.  Made from high quality fresh ingredients from imported and local sources, it is produced under high bio-security conditions with the latest manufacturing technology.  UNGGUL is packed with extra proteins and calcium for the ultimate performance fitness of your gaming cocks. 
Key features for UNGGUL 1 GROWTH FORMULA: 

  • Extra proteins for ideal body building and feather formation
  • Fresh quality ingredients for higher digestibility and nutrient absorption
  • All essential vitamins, omegas and minerals for everyday strength and vitality
  • Protein: min 20%
  • Fat: min 3%
  • Fiber: max 5%
  • Moisture: min 12%
  • Ash: max 7%
  • Calcium: 1%
  • Phosphor: 0,7%
Feeding Instruction

New born chicks weigh on average 75 grams during the first week and grow to approximately 600 grams within 8 weeks.  We recommend the following feeding program using Unggul I.  For best results spread the feed on the ground or on cage's floor for the chicks to feed by pecking as they walk around.

Age in Weeks Average Body Weight (gr) Average Feed Consumption (gr)
1 75 11
2 125 17
3 190 22
4 270 27
5 360 34
6 465 39
7 570 44
8 670 48


Tips: Feed every morning after sunrise between 6 and 7 am.

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