KIN Koi Ornamental Fish Food Premium

Brand : KINKoi
Koi Food
10 kg
3 mm, 5 mm, 7 mm pellet
4 months to mature

A specialized feed formulated for Koi to thrive in a tropical environment.  


KIN KOI ORMANENTAL FISHFOOD is a multi-purpose feed for Koi and all other types of ornamental fish.  Using quality natural ingredients, KIN KOI is an all-round value feed for beginner level hobby fish enthusiasts. 

Key features for KIN KOI Ornamental Fish Food Premium

  • Well balanced nutrition designated for daily feeding, maintenance and coloration.
  • Contain functional yeast extract to improve immune response capability. 
  • Protein: min 30%
  • Fat: min 5%
  • Fiber: max 4%
  • Moisture: 10%
  • Ash: 10%
Feeding Instruction
Age of Koi Length (cm) Number of Koi Pellet size Quantity Frequency/ day
<5 months <20 cm 25 - 30 KK 1 (2 mm) 25 grams 3 times
>6 months 20 – 30 cm 20 - 25 KK 2 (3 mm) 25 grams 3 times
KK 5 (6 mm)
> 2 years > 40 cm 15 - 20 KK 5 (6 mm) 25 grams 3 times


Tips :

  • Do not throw in all the required feed at once but scatter into the water little by little. Surface feeding fish such as Koi will avoid pellets that are soaked, and when uneaten pellets decompose, they cause water pollution. Scattering feed in batches also increases emotional bonding between feeder and the fish. 
  • Check your filter system daily before or after each feeding to avoid the build-up of ammonia and other harmful pollutants.
  • Best for outdoor ponds and koi farms.

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