Quick & Easy Everyday Care for Your Beloved Cat

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Quick and Easy Daily Care For Your Beloved Cat

Many people would love to have cats but believe that one would need to devote much time, energy and even money for their up keep. Nothing could be further than the truth if you follow these quick and simple steps on a regular basis.

  1. To clean a cat’s ears, dip a cotton bud in betadine or baby oil. Start from earlobe and gently move inwards. Take care not to insert the bud too deeply into the ear. Use a new cotton bud if the one you are using is soiled. Repeat this once every week.

  2. To clean a cat’s face, use a clean, soft moist cloth or wet tissue to wipe the corner of the cat’s eye and cat’s nose gently. This will prevent the built up of everyday dirt and bacteria that could lead to infections.

  3. Once every week or whenever your cat’s nails feel sharp to the touch, clip them using special nail clippers for cats.

  4. A beautiful coat is what all cat lovers strive for. Daily grooming of your cat begins with brushing the entire body with a special cat brush. Finish the routine by dusting your cat with talcum powder and it will look and smell wonderful.


The above tips are part of what is call dry grooming, i.e. without the use of water. They are quick and simple for every day grooming. However, as with humans, wet grooming is still necessary for maintaining your cat’s hygiene especially in a tropical climate where bacteria can build up rapidly. We recommend wet grooming every 2 weeks. Many pet shops or pet clinics offer wet grooming services that make keeping cats fun and hassle free.

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