Why Is It A Good Idea To Get Your Toddler A Cat?

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Why is it a good idea to get your toddler a cat?

Safety and health considerations often prevent parents with toddlers from keeping cats. However, with proper care, young children will benefit greatly from having a cat at home both as a playmate and an emotional companion. Here are some simple tips on how to get started:

  1. Choose the cat that you want to have
    Chose adult cats of your preferred breed of 6 months older. The reason being that adult cats are more independent and will not require constant care and attention as opposed to kittens.


  2. Give your cat simple daily grooming and vaccinate it on a regular basis based on recommendations from your local vet. Do not hesitate to visit your vet if your cat appears to be less than normal. This will prevent any potential impact on your home environment from zoonotic diseases. Simple prevention is always better than cure!


  3. Bath your cat at least once a week or send it for wet grooming at your local pet shop or clinic. This will ensure that your toddler(s) has a clean and healthy companion day in day out.


  4. Clean your cat’s litter box as well as the places it frequents every day! Use a vacuum cleaner and spray disinfectant if necessary, especially in the play room where your children spend most of their waking hours to avoid bacteria build up.

  5. Keep track of where and when your toddler plays with the cat, safety is the priority. For example, both child and pet should not be playing around electrical appliances, the kitchen, open windows and balconies.

A clean and safe home environment would not only give you peace of mind, but it would greatly benefit the emotional development of your children. It would train them from an early age to interact with different forms of life and expand their range of communication beyond the digital realm.

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