Juara Bird Food

Brand : Juara
Bird Food
450 g
2 mm pellet
2 months to mature

Created with all the essential nutritional needs in mind for the most popular small to medium sized singing birds.

Bulk packaging:  20 packs/carton.


JUARA Bird Food is a complete and nutritious diet for singing birds.  Our nutritionists use a quality blend of imported and fresh local ingredients to come up with different delicious formulas for companion and competition birds.                                         
Key features for Anti Stress formula:  

  • For medium sized birds and up 
  • Prevents mental & physical stress  
  • Made with fresh ingredients  
  • Contains egg, honey, essential minerals and multi vitamins  
  • Completely balanced and nutritious
  • Protein: 17% 
  • Fat: 3,5% 
  • Fiber: 6% 
  • Moisture: 12% 
  • Ash: 9% 
Feeding Instruction
  • For average-sized mature singing birds such as Murai, Cucak, Anis, Kacer, Jalak with approximately body weight of 30 to 60 grams, amount of feed required per day is 10-30% of body weight.
  • Using a medium feeding cup that is clean and dry; place 5 teaspoons or 25 grams of Anti Stress pellets.  Repeat every 3 days.
  • At the end of the 3-day feeding cycle, discard any leftover feed, wash and dry the feeding cup properly before adding new feed. This will prevent bacteria or other contaminant build up inside the feeding cup. 


  • You may add pellets whenever the feeding cup is almost empty during the 3-day feeding cycle. Keep clean drinking water next to the feeding cup and remember to wash the drinking cup daily before adding fresh water to prevent water contamination and the build-up of harmful bacteria that may affect the health of your bird.  

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