Juara Seaweed Powder

Brand : Juara
Bird Food
200 g
all stage

Created with all the essential nutritional needs in mind for the most popular small to medium sized singing birds.

Bulk packaging:  40 packs/carton.



JUARA Bird Food is a complete and nutritious diet for singing birds.  Our nutritionists use a quality blend of imported and fresh local ingredients to come up with different delicious formulas for companion and competition birds.                                       
Key features for Sea Weed Powder:

  • For wild or domesticated infant singing birds between 1-2 weeks old 
  • Perfect transition from natural feed
  • Increases digestibility and immune building capabilities 
  • Made with fresh ingredients  
  • Contains sea weed egg, honey, essential minerals and multi vitamins  
  • Completely balanced and nutritious
  • Protein: 18%
  • Fat: 3,5%
  • Fiber: 6%
  • Moisture: 12%
  • Ash: 9%
Feeding Instruction

 For baby birds:

  • For baby birds aged 2 to 6 weeks, prepare a porridge using Juara Bird Food Anti Stress Powder with unflavoured milk, preferably fresh milk.  Use a 1:4 ratio i.e. 1 teaspoon of Juara Anti Stress Powder with 4 teaspoons of fresh milk. Mix well into a porridge and feed the bird suing a pipette little by little until the crop of the bird is full.
  • Repeat the feeding for your bird 3-4 times daily as required. 


  • Check the crop of your baby bird to see if it is hungry.  If the crop feels thin and empty to the touch, it means it is hungry and needs to be fed.
  • For baby birds older than 6 weeks, maintain the porridge diet but increase the consistency of mixture to a ratio of 1:2.  Mix 1 teaspoon of powder feed with 2 teaspoons of milk and feed twice daily using a pipette.


For Mature birds:

  • For small-sized mature birds such as Pleci, Pancawarna, Cendet, Prenjak and Tledekan whose body weight of 10-20 grams, they need 10-20% of their body weight of feed per day.  
  • Use a ratio of 1:2, i.e. 1 teaspoon of Juara Anti Stress Powder mixed with 2 teaspoons of milk or fresh water and place the mixture in a clean feeding cup.  
  • Repeat the feeding process twice daily.


  • Make sure that your bird finishes the porridge within 1 hour. If not, remove and wash the feeding cup before the next feeding so the leftover porridge will not spoil inside the bird cage leading to rapid build-up of harmful bacteria. 

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